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A Day in the Life of a Massage Doula

by admin@mcb on 25 Apr 2017

Ring...Ring. Yawn. Shake off the sleep. Ring...Ring. “My phone! Mary (pseudonym) must be having her baby. Time to kick into action as a massage doula. What time is it?” 4:15 a.m. Good, I think, I’ve gotten most of a full night’s sleep. I jump out of bed, throw some cold water on my face, brush my teeth, put on the carefully laid out clothes that have been waiting for just this moment, and [...]

Baby Sign Language Has Many Benefits

by admin@mcb on 11 Apr 2017

Baby sign language is an idea whose time has come. Young children are great at mimicking. They naturally pick up cues and understand motions such as waving goodbye or clapping their hands when happy. Over the last several decades parents have discovered that they can put these mimicking skills to good use by teaching their baby sign language. Baby sign uses a basic set of signs, including those fo [...]