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Pregnancy Massage Training - Is It Necessary?

by admin@mcb on 08 Nov 2017

Is Pregnancy Massage Training Necessary for Massage Therapists? Have you wondered if specialized training in pregnancy massage is really necessary? After all, can’t every massage therapist simply modify the position they use for their pregnant client’s comfort, and give a standard massage? Perhaps that would be true if the only change in a woman’s body was her inability to lay prone or s [...]

Low Back Pain - Psychological?

by admin@mcb on 30 Oct 2017

Is Low Back Pain Caused by Our Emotions? We’ve all used expressions similar to something or someone being “a pain in the neck” (or lower), but did we stop to consider that pains in our body, especially low back pain, may actually be brought on by a situation or relationship? More and more health care providers are starting to see that low back pain could be a result of psychological or emot [...]