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Reflexology Benefits Are Numerous

by admin@mcb on 03 Jan 2017

Reflexology Benefits are Medically Proven More and more scientific research is showing how reflexology benefits the recipient. It has a positive impact on the brain, circulatory system, and pain and stress levels. By using medical equipment such as MRI, EEG, and ultrasound radar to take a real-time measurements, researchers have found positive changes in brain waves, blood pressure, and pulse dur [...]

Prenatal Depression & Fetal Brain Development

by admin@mcb on 30 Nov 2016

An article published on this week shows a negative impact of prenatal depression and postnatal depression on children’s brain development. Researching Prenatal Depression Impact Research was conducted under the supervision of  Catherine Lebel, PhD, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She found that both prenatal depression and postpartum depression is linked to adverse ce [...]